Zilfer Cycling Wallet

Brilliant for Everyday and Perfect for Cycling

Clearance Sale - Half Price for Original Sized Wallets

Clearance Sale - Half Price for Original Sized Wallets

It's time to clear our original stock! Enjoy half price original size wallets. Please check phone size fit before purchase as this wallet fits mostly older model iPhones and Androids. One wallet for all conditions.

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What makes the wallet unique?

  • Delivers Functionality & Elegance

    Outdoor products typically prioritise functionality but are out-of-place in the office or for everyday use. Both functionality and style were important in the design of the Zilfer Wallet. We created a wallet that performs for cycling and outdoor activity, but is practical and elegant for everyday use.

  • Durable and Water-Resistant

    Take it out in the rain, you can even drop it in the water and your phone and wallet essentials will stay dry. The water-resistant phone pocket is designed to protect your smart phone and other personal items in the wet. The robust and proven splash-proof material is designed to keep your contents safe.

  • One Wallet For All Occasions

    You no longer need to swap between pockets, plastic bags and wallets every time you head outdoors. The Zilfer phone wallet seamlessly brings together the active outdoors with your everyday life - one wallet for all occasions. Convenience, practicality and style are now in your hands with Zilfer.

What our customers say

  • Peter B. (Australia)

    As a cyclist I have always had trouble finding a wallet that suits my needs. This is it. Sleek, functional and high quality. I don't notice it is with me. Finally!

  • Steve C. (Australia)

    No more lost cards for me :). Now I just grab my zilfer and go without having to empty my wallet. Passed the test with skiing, running and cycling. Looks great too! Top notch product... well played Zilfer, well played!

  • Jeremy H. (Australia)

    I ride to and from work in all conditions and I have never had to worry about my phone or keys for that matter getting wet. Holds enough of the critical items to make it really functional and it looks great! Well done Zilfer.


Does the wallet come in different sizes?

The wallet is compatible with standard size iPhones and Androids excluding Plus size. Sign-up to our Newsletter and be the first to know when the PLUS size Zilfer Cycling Wallets are available.

Are there other colours available?

The wallet is available in Neo Black and Ash Grey. We still want to hear from you if there is a colour or design we absolutely need to introduce. Email us!

Is the phone wallet waterproof?

The wallet is treated with water protection qualities and is water resistant though it is not waterproof. If you have your personal items in the zipped pocket and drop them in the water they'll be okay... just don't go swimming with it :).

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