Zilfer Features in the Bike Exchange Gift Guide for Road Cyclists

In the 2018 Bike Exchange Gift Guide, the Zilfer wallet featured as one of the ten recommended products for road cyclists, alongside Garmin, Cinelli, Park Tool and Assos. Bike Exchange describe the Zilfer Ride Wallet as "incredibly secure, stylish, weather resistant and practical" and we agree and thank the BE team for becoming acquainted with our Active Proof wallet and picking us for their top ten. 

bike exchange cycling wallet gift
Bike Exchange on Zilfer

A case or ride wallet that keeps your smartphone, cash and personal details safe and dry is one of the most versatile accessories a rider can own.

Available to fit most modern smartphones, a good phone wallet such as the Zilfer Active Wallet will be incredibly secure, stylish, weather resistant and practical. Look for options with adequate space inside to hold ride essentials such as house keys, I.D, phone, credit cards and any cash needed for the essential mid-ride caffeine hit.